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What is sous vide style?

Sous vide by definition means "under vacuum".

It is a french style of cooking where a protein, fresh herbs and spices are vacuum sealed together and placed in a water bath. Using an immersion circulator, the water is brought up to the desired temperature to cook the food perfectly every single time.


Angry Bee Coffee has adopted this cooking process to brew coarse ground coffee at a consistent low temperature to produce a coffee that is smooth and low in acidity much like traditional cold brews.


Additionally, we brew using Third Wave Water, a mineral supplement that helps with flavor and extraction by turning distilled water into the optimum water for brewing coffee. 

By vacuum sealing the coffee with water in a bag or glass jar, the coffee is evenly extracted thanks to the submersion. The blooming aromatics of the coffee, which normally would dissipate in the air, are sealed inside and help further define the flavor notes of the coffee during the brewing process. 

Why sous vide style?

There are two main reasons why Sous Vide Style is our preferred method of brewing.


1. Time.

2. Flavor.


Typically, the traditional cold brew process takes anywhere from 8-24 hours. While this does create a smooth low acidic profile with an evenly extracted coffee, the time it takes to brew generally isn't as forgiving if you wanted to experiment with additional flavors.


After lots of trial, error, and several sample batches, we have locked in Sous Vide Style Brewing time to just two hours. There is some setup beforehand to start this brewing process which can add additional time, but once the bags are done brewing, all that's left is to strain and chill.  

While the Café Noir is a deliciously smooth classic black cold brew to enjoy regularly. Angry Bee Coffee prides itself on creating flavorful coffee. By sealing raw ingredients in with the coffee, it is the perfect way to impart flavor into the brew without all the additives of sugary syrups. Sealed together, the aromatics and extracted flavors have no where to escape to, so they pass through the coffee particles and combine to create a natural infusion.


For example, our unreleased flavor Banana Be Good, uses the ripest bananas and toasted spices to extract the natural sweetness from the banana and the spicy aromatics of the warm spices to combine with the coffee to create a cold brew that tastes like banana bread. 

By brewing in just two hours with a balanced ratio of ingredients, Angry Bee Coffee creates smooth, flavorful, no-added sugar,

sous vide style cold brew.

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