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My Story

After years of crafting unique and often times bizarre specialty coffee and tea beverages in Chicago, Jordan Reinhardt has set off on a brand new journey as the mad scientist behind Angry Bee Coffee. 

ABC is a specialty coffee company that focuses on pushing the boundaries of craft coffee drinks. It is a dream that began when Jordan created his first signature latte, the Angry Bee. A drink that combined the delicate sweetness of honey, the spice of cinnamon, the zing of a lemon peel, and the heat of cayenne pepper. Four flavors that when paired together in a latte would electrify creativity. It was from that moment on, Jordan sought to find more flavors to pair together with coffee no matter how unconventional.

There have been many successful creations over the years, (Elote Latte, Strawberry Mushroom & Miso Chai, Baezilla Latte, and Banana Bread Latte to name a few.) Thanks to the support from the Chicago coffee community, Angry Bee Coffee was created from a desire to transition from friendly neighborhood barista to creative coffee staple.




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