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*Chicago Delivery Only*

At present, coffee deliveries are local to Chicago only.

Angry Bee Coffee plans to add shipping in the future.

Merchandise is available for shipping across the United States.   

How to order:

Orders are open Monday - Friday. 

Orders will be brewed and canned Saturday & Sunday. 

Orders will be delivered Monday and Tuesday. 

Orders can be picked up Wednesday-Thursday.

Killer Queen

Ingredients: toasted cinnamon sticks, lemon zest, cayenne pepper, and honey.
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Product Details

Enjoy locally roasted coffee, third wave water, lemon zest, toasted cinnamon sticks, cayenne pepper, and a hint of honey. Brewed together sous vide style to create a smooth can of cold brew with a kick.

Enjoy straight from the can, over ice, or with your favorite dairy or non dairy milk!

Currently brewing Hexe Coffee Double Edge blend. A custom blend of a light roast washed Colombian and Sumatra and a medium roast natural Ethiopian.

Coffee flavor notes: caramel, honeydew, milk chocolate, cherries.

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For special order inquires (weekday orders, bulk orders, office deliveries, deliveries outside of range, etc.) or questions about your order email 

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