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Sous Vide Style brewing... Let's talk about it.

What in the world is Sous Vide Style brewing?

Sous vide, by definition, means "under vacuum". This style of cooking typically brings together protein with herbs and spices ‘under vacuum’ to cook, submerged in a water bath, at a consistent temperature for perfect results, everytime. All of this is done thanks to a handy kitchen gadget called an immersion circulator. For a more in depth understanding check out this Serious Eats piece by the legendary J. Kenji López-Alt .

The process of sealing the food in a bag locks in the aroma and juices of the food. Creating a finished product rich with flavor. If you haven't tried a sous vide steak or chicken before, I highly recommend it, Anova makes a solid starter immersion circulator. A simple stock pot or an 8 qt Cambro container are perfect vessels for your water bath.

Why would we use this for coffee?

Sous vide is the optimal brewing method for Angry Bee for two reasons:


Sous Vide brewing in action

The traditional cold brew process can take anywhere from 8-24 hours. This creates a smooth, low acidic profile, but the brew time isn't as forgiving if you want to experiment with added flavors. After lots of trial and error, we perfected the Sous Vide Style Brewing time to just two hours. Once the bags are done brewing, all you do is strain and chill.

Using quality beans and water we produce a coffee that is incredibly smooth and low in acidity similar to cold brew coffee. Thanks to submersion, the coffee is evenly extracted throughout the water inside the vacuum seal. Normally, the aromatics of the coffee would dissipate after a traditional brewing method, but because everything is sealed, those aromatics are trapped and further define the flavor notes of the coffee during the brewing process. Which is reason number two for why we brew sous vide.


One of our signature flavors, Classic Buzz, is just coffee and water. Thanks to sous vide, this smooth cold brew highlights all the notes of the beans that are brewed. For example, the dark chocolate, blackberry and brown sugar notes of the baespresso beans from Bae Coffee Company really come through in every sip. Angry Bee Coffee also prides itself on creating unique coffees. We add natural ingredients together with coarse ground coffee before sealing and submerging. The extracted ingredients have nowhere to escape; so they pass through the coffee particles and combine to naturally infuse and create our desired flavor profile. Unlike other flavored coffees, Angry Bee Coffee only uses natural sugars such as honey and maple syrup when adding a sweet element. With a two-hour brew time and natural ingredients, Angry Bee Coffee creates a smooth, flavorful cold brew coffee every single time.

Ingredients - Mocha Bee, Classic Buzz, Killer Queen

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